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Sette Bello

Full branding, strategy, package design and campaign built off of Italian nutrition traditions. 

In Italian culture, the symbol of the Sette Bello is representative of strength, abundance and pride. This is synonymous with the values the brand was built upon, using traditional cuisine and health practices to conceive a nutrition bar. Back to the roots we flowed to mix established and tested quality with new perspectives and modern integration. 

Market research told us not only that the affordable and mass produced markets were overly saturated, but also that opening trends were emerging in specialized branding, unique flavours, and intrinsic health value. Pertaining to these new trends, I created five flavours unique to the North American market, neo-traditional branding and a campaign which high-lighted the inspirational background along with the product quality level. 


Packaging for the flavours Limone, Fichi, Arancia and Amaretto uses a unifying solid black backing. For contrast, the large bold fruits on the front side help to draw the eyes, with the flavour specific colour helping immediate registration of the characteristics of the nutrition bar. 

Made with natural, whole products, the fruit isolating packaging hints at the quality of our product through its ingredients.

Stone Carved Tradition

Using Roman marble statues which are literally pillars of the rich history behind the brand, the copywriting was written in a tongue-in-cheek attitude to offset this. It presents the duality of the product well, showing its modern application with traditional elements. The marble helps to allude to the quality with which the ingredients is associated, while the bold colours and deep black background stay on brand from the packaging, embracing consistency.


And, we kept having a little fun with it.

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